Unity Candle Ceremony

Everything you need to know about


3/13/20232 min read

Unity Candle Ceremony: Everything you need to know about

A Unity Candle Ceremony is a great way to personalise your wedding. It is arguably the tradition rooted in the most romance!

What is a Unity Candle Ceremony?

A Unity Candle Ceremony is when a couple each take a lit candle and simultaneously light what is know as the ‘’unity candle’’. This symbolises their joining together as a family, while maintaining their individuality. It is a special way to show the joining of families, the merging of two people and the first steps as a blended family.

How does a Unity Candle Ceremony work?

The Unity Candle Ceremony involves three candles; one held by each partner (representing the two separate family candles) and then one which will stand alone – often on a candle stand – to symbolise the union of your families.

Often, the mothers will light the initial family candles and then the couple will light the unity candle together. However, the choice is up to you; you could have a father, a child, a sibling, a friend… or anyone that means something special to your family light the candles!

The meaning of a candle lighting ceremony.

Candle lighting ceremony is intention is to show two different identities – from two different walks of life – joining together in the eternal bond of marriage.

The symbol of a candle in weddings.

Flames are said to symbolise love and passion, and so in the context of a marriage they show the adoration that the couple has for one another.

Lighting candles and joining them together is the physical representation of their enduring commitment, and the blending of their two families.

When to do the unity candle ceremony?

Typically, the Unity Candle will be lit immediately after saying your vows. However, at the start of the ceremony is when the individual candles will be lit; perhaps by the mothers or by the children.

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